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New Turning Point In My Career…

Now represented by Zetä Production

I had been thinking about this for a long time and I wanted it to happen — I wanted to find an agency that would represent my photography. I was not sure how to do it in a city where I had just moved. Since I left my job in the best company in the world, more than a year ago, the feeling of teamwork was also missing me enormously.

By a chilly February morning, I had the chance to meet Patricia from Zetä Production. As a result of this meeting, it was clear to me that I had to embark on the adventure with this agency. Patricia has an excellent vision of what is current photography and the digital/social turn that this medium is taking.

Many people do not believe in the power of social media, especially Instagram. Many very traditional photographers sulk the platform by incomprehension or by snobbery/elitism. Yet it has become my main source of income, or almost. Most of my traditional or digital contracts come directly or indirectly from Instagram.

All this to say that I am very proud to be represented by an agency that understands and supports me 110% in the development of my career as a photographer, blogger and influencer on social media.

You can see my portfolio on the Zetä Production website here. Take the opportunity to take a look at the other talents of the team: Virginie, Felix and Adrien.

Jeff Frenette is now represented by Zetä Production
Jeff Frenette is now represented by Zetä Production

To collaborate with me, you can write me on Facebook, Instagram, by email or directly by email to Patricia. You can also use the form on my website.

Looking forward to collaborating together :)!





The press release (in French)

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  1. andré frenette

    bonne décision à bientot cher fils.


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