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Crew just opened their brand new Crew Collective & Café space to public on April 30th. While I didn’t have the chance to be there at the launch event, I wanted to make sure I could visit as soon as possible because there has been quite a hype around this opening for a while now.

On Monday, while on a short stay in Montreal, I visited Crew Café for the first time and I was in total awe when I entered this building.

I immediately felt welcomed with the very warm ambiance of the café. The subdued lighting of the space goes perfectly together with the natural light entering from the huge round top arch windows.

On the right and left side of the café, you’ll find several quiet pods if that’s what you’re looking for. Several seatings are also available in the main area (couches, tables with chairs as well as 135º chairs which are the best position to be seated in according to this article)

Quiet Pods @ CREW Quiet Pods @ CREW Interior @ CREW Interior @ CREW Interior @ CREW   Interior @ CREW


Needless to say, the space is amazing and of course they needed equally amazing food to go with it…


Amazing food & coffee

Avocado, salmon and wasabi mayo Avocado, salmon and wasabi mayo

More than often, when you go to a coffee shop or café, you’ll find your regular croissant or danish. Nothing new and exciting. Thanks to the guys at Crew, they outsourced their coffee and food from the very best of Montreal: Saint-Henri microtorréfacteur for the coffee and Hof Kelsten for your gluten needs.

I had an amazing avocado and salmon tartine which was totally scrumptious!

All in all, this place is amazing and I feel like I’m gonna be there very often! (Also any freelance fellow would like to share a space over there :D?)

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