Breakfast in Amsterdam at Bakers & Roasters

Your typical American breakfast at Bakers & Roaster in Amsterdam

I was almost midway through my Europe adventures and I didn’t have a proper breakfast full of proteins. Don’t get me wrong: I love a good croissant for petit déj, but when you walk an average of 20km a day, you need real food at some point.

That’s when Thibault and I went to Instagram to find out this lovely brunch place located in the Oude Pijp neighbourhood.

I had the Navajo Eggs which was more than generous in terms of portion. Very tasty pulled pork and amazing mango salsa that were going so well together. Chipotle cream was a bit too spicy in my opinion but it really complemented the dish very well.

I highly recommend the place wether it be for a coffee or for a nice brunch with friends. Ask for the table located in the back of the restaurant, you won’t regret it (especially if you want to photograph your food!)


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