The Fear Of My Life At Malefycia

Malefycia Festival: Scariest moment of my life

I was recently invited to discover the Malefycia House of Horror at the Bassin Peel with Eve from Tellement Swell, PL Cloutier and Theo Gordy as part of the Malefycia Festival (Merci Thara!). The festival is in its second edition this year and they decided to come back with an even crazier, scarier & terrifying experience than last year.

It was so terrifying that just writing those words and thinking about it makes me terrified!

Inside Malefycia Horror House

On entre par ici - Malefycia - Maison de l'horreur - Horror House We enter here – Malefycia – Maison de l’horreur – Horror House

It begins very slowly by entering through the back of a yellow school bus. A somewhat pitted driver asks us to sit through the stuffed animals in the bus and listen to him. He finally invites us to follow him and begin to experience our worst nightmare. Thereafter, we go from room to room to discover all the unimaginable horrors (even for the most imaginative of you).

On entre par ici - Malefycia - Maison de l'horreur - Horror House On entre par ici – Malefycia – Maison de l’horreur – Horror House

We first discover two young demonic girls (not the kind of girl I would entrust my cat’s custody). There are several events that will remain etched in my memory forever … like a man fanatical of dildos, in a room lined with filled condoms … or like a small scatophile person who offers us to discover his passion…

I will not tell you more, I still offer you the opportunity to discover all these lugubrious characters by yourself.

Fighting my worst fear

Before I got into the experience, I told myself that the worst thing that could happen was to get caught out in a room while my friends were continuing their journey through another path … and it happened!

What seemed to me to be a hardcore frustrated gynecologist took me aside to help her give birth to one of her patients that he would try to get pregnant again a few moments later.


Sensitive hearts, abstain!

This is definitely not an experience for everyone (forget it if you are epileptic or have any heart disease). In order not to reveal too much, I will simply say that you must be open-minded and be ready to see absolutely anything. Everything is crying for truth and we are afraid all along even though we know it is only an experience.

If you are a fan of horror, gore and sex, this is really the place for you … If not, consider another way to celebrate Halloween.


Relive my experience on YouTube

More photos

For more information, go on Festival Malefycia website.



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