Jeff On The Road - @dezjeff on Instagram - Week 30

My Instagram Posts Of The Week 30 — @dezjeff

Sharing my posts here in case you missed them on Instagram!

I’ve been meaning to do this for the longest time and I finally did it. Every week, I will be posting an article about my Instagram posts of the week. If you are not following me on Instagram, I highly recommend you do so now!

Here are my Instagram posts this week:

1. Collaboration with Banque Nationale about the freelancer life

This is a summer long campaign that began a few weeks ago with Banque Nationale. I already posted this first photo about my life on the road.

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2. Collaboration with 7UP Lemon Lemon: Quebec City Escape

I already told you about this amazing campaign with 7Up Lemon Lemon in this blog post. This is a summer long campaign where I bring you with me on various City Escapes. This time, it’s all about the contrast between old and new in Quebec City.

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3. Personal post of a two-story building with a nice tree!

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4. Collaboration with Ford for a campaign that’s all about Montreal and its 375th anniversary

I shot this social media campaign with my beautiful team of Zetä Production and my fabulous clients at GTB. With this campaign, Ford wanted to showcase different parts of Montreal to celebrate its 375th anniversary.

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